A bespoke home that reflects your life

CanSwede Homes is a team of experienced construction professionals working to transform your ideas into reality. Led by our experienced President, Henric Alfredsson, we provide complete design-build services that guide you through every step of creating a new home – from concept and consultation through building and finishing.


An approach that respects your time

Once CanSwede homes has understood your vision, we will work with our designers to draws up a rough design that encompasses your desires and incorporates your aesthetic. Then we refine.

Do you need an extra bedroom on the third floor? Two bathrooms on the second level or three? We meet with you to get the details right before the design moves on to the permit-drawing phase. Our thorough approach saves you time in the end and saves money by avoiding costly mistakes and change orders.

Once the permit drawings are complete, we navigate the often arduous process of approvals from the City of Ottawa. If issues arise we resolve them for you while you get on with your life. An important part of our role is to shield you from inconvenience and worry.

“We believe in helping clients realize their unique vision and aesthetic by expertly guiding them through the design-build process. Whether you wish to work with us hands-on – or trust us to deliver on your initial vision – our goal is to build a home that will transform your life.”

Are you ready for a CanSwede Home?

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