A responsive, committed team

At CanSwede Homes, our expert consultation process focuses on getting to know you – because that’s the only way we can truly understand your vision. Henric Alfredsson, our President, will consult with you face to face, listening, planning with you and sharing his advice.

Our proven process begins with initial budgeting and moves through the stages of sharing ideas, photos and inspirations. Do you want a modernist look? A traditional aesthetic? A cottage in the city? Henric and his design team will educate and guide you through each decision.

CanSwede Homes is known for staying ahead of the game, always looking toward the next meeting so we can move your project forward swiftly.


An approach that respects your time

Once CanSwede homes has understood your vision, we will work with our designers to draws up a rough design that encompasses your desires and incorporates your aesthetic. Then we refine.

Do you need an extra bedroom on the third floor? Two bathrooms on the second level or three? We meet with you to get the details right before the design moves on to the permit-drawing phase. Our thorough approach saves you time in the end and saves money by avoiding costly mistakes and change orders.

Once the permit drawings are complete, we navigate the often arduous process of approvals from the City of Ottawa. If issues arise we resolve them for you while you get on with your life. An important part of our role is to shield you from inconvenience and worry.


Quality is paramount. Trust is essential.

We always have access to the best tradespeople in the city because we have nurtured trusting relationships with them over several years. Our subcontractors know they can rely on us to treat them with fairness and respect. We reap the benefits and pass it on to our clients.

At CanSwede Homes, we insist that our trades bring the same level of quality they would bring if they were building a home for their own family. More than that, Henric has trained all our trades never to view a setback as a problem – only as challenge to be solved. This work ethic infuses each worksite with a positive attitude, and that translates to an eagerness to please the client.


We stand by our work

Henric is an athlete who has played team sports all his life. He understands the important role that motivation plays in achieving one’s goals, and he is an expert manager who gets the best out of his people. We hand over the keys only once Henric feels he’d be comfortable living in the new home with his own family.

In taking possession of your new home, you will find yourself at the end of an important creative journey and at the beginning of a new adventure. Working with Henric, you can have full confidence that the home will live up to your expectations. All Henric’s work is backed by Tarion homeowner protection, with CanSwede Homes posting a $15,000 bond as an extra assurance should the homeowner incur additional costs.

There is nothing more important to us than our reputation. We will ensure you are happy not just when you possess the home, but for many years to come.

Are you ready for a CanSwede Home?

Contact us today to get started on the exciting process of designing and building the home you have been waiting for.